My Timecard — hourly view

You use the hourly timecard The type of timecard used by employees who punch in and out several times each day. to enter your time, confirm that your work record is accurate, verify that no unauthorized edits have been made, and, in some cases, correct exceptions.

Note: When viewing the timecard, resizing the browser window is not supported. If you resize your browser window to a width that is less than 768 pixels, then you will need to refresh the browser and the timecard will then display in list view.

Timecard views

Across the top of the timecard is the action bar. From here you can add and remove approval and signoff, move and reset accruals, view the rule analysis report, and calculate timecard totals as well as save and print your timecard. Depending on your access rights, you may also be able to go to your schedule, reports, People Information, or attendance details.

The main area of the timecard can be displayed in a table view or a list view. Click Table View or List View to toggle from one view to the other.

The mobile view for the hourly timecard displays each day in the selected timeframe. The days are arranged in a responsive layout that varies depending on the width of the timecard.

The information included for each day includes punches, paycodes, daily total, and total time to date. An Action Required indicator appears if you need to address exceptions or overtime. An ellipses indicates that there is more information not visible at this level.

The selected timeframe, total for the selected timeframe, and an approval status legend are displayed above the days in a rollup area.

When you select a day, the day detail panel opens. This panel displays timeframe and totals to date as well as punch details, shift totals, and exceptions. From here you can access additional panels used to add comments, punches, paycodes, transfers, and more.

Note: If a punch, paycode, or scheduled shifts cross the midnight divide The time when one day ends and another begins. When a shift starts on one day and ends on the next day, the system enters a purple punch to end the first day and another purple punch to start the new day. at the beginning or end of the selected timeframe, the additional days are displayed and calculated as part of the selected timeframe in both table and list views. If configured, the midnight divide times display in purple.

Hourly timecard tasks

When you first open the hourly timecard, click tap the timeframe selector to select the appropriate timeframe, then do the following: